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Why Greece?  

Six thousand islands, 16.000 km of shoreline, with 393 Blue Flag beaches, making Greece second in the entire world for beachgoers. 300 days of sunshine each year; innumerable cultural and archaeological sites to visit.
Snow-white villages overlooking the deep-blue sea, gorges surrounded by lush mountain foothills, unsurpassed beaches, performances in ancient theaters, casual wandering in traditional villages, an inimitable cultural tradition, top-notch local products… need we go on?
We travel in Greece to get to know Greek culture; to enjoy the harmony of the small villages, to be carried along with the renowned enthusiasm of its residents. We travel in Greece because here is a microcosm of all that is beautiful in the world.


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Summer in Greece  

Summer in Greece, a celebration beginning with the first ingathering of cherries in the spring and ending with the vine harvest festivals in September. During this period, the ports are crowded with travellers heading to the islands sparkling under the bright sun.
...Boat, beach, love, freedom, play, Greek salad, good cheer and dancing under the starry sky...words characterizing this season, when Greece is at peak demand.
Summer in Greece is simply fascinating.
All kinds of travellers, explorers with backpacks, vacationers in cosmopolitan resorts, hikers, yachtsmen...all roll in to enjoy the land that has been identified with the sun, the sea and culture. An alternative summer suggestion is mainland, which is chosen by fewer summer visitors and yet it is the ideal season to enjoy the rejuvenating effect of the mountain.