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Why Greece?  

Six thousand islands, 16.000 km of shoreline, with 393 Blue Flag beaches, making Greece second in the entire world for beachgoers. 300 days of sunshine each year; innumerable cultural and archaeological sites to visit.
Snow-white villages overlooking the deep-blue sea, gorges surrounded by lush mountain foothills, unsurpassed beaches, performances in ancient theaters, casual wandering in traditional villages, an inimitable cultural tradition, top-notch local products… need we go on?
We travel in Greece to get to know Greek culture; to enjoy the harmony of the small villages, to be carried along with the renowned enthusiasm of its residents. We travel in Greece because here is a microcosm of all that is beautiful in the world.


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Winter in Greece  

The hillsides adorned in white, the scent of slowly burning wood hanging in the air while next to the fireplace mountainous flavors are accompanied by local raki. We ascent to the mountains since the foamed sea addresses only to the winter swimmers, the surfers and photographers that can now capture moments from its wild side.
22 ski resorts across the country... Parnassos, Vassilitsa, Kalavrita, Kaimaktsalan, and picturesque villages such as Zagorochoria, Dimitsana, Pertouli, Portaria are just a few of the destinations that promise unforgettable winter getaways.
Since sunshine is never absent from Greece, in the heart of winter around mid-January, the halcyon days offer surprisingly sweet conditions to enjoy nature and remember that spring is just a few days away.
Neither celebrations are absent from winter, Christmas and New Year's are followed by very special carnival traditions. An opportunity to see the custom of “Geros and Corela” in Skyros, the “alefromoutzouromata” at Galaxidi and brass instruments of Kozani!